Chivers Family Home


The Chivers family was rebuilding their home after it was was destroyed in the unprecedented Alberta flood of 2013. The busy, young family wanted their new home personalized to suit their lifestyle. Storage is an ever-present need for the family of four to keep up with a growing inventory of equipment for sports and activities. To meet these needs, the Chivers chose DIRTT to build their dream kitchen, closets, yoga studio, and efficient laundry room. 

ICE software helped the family visualize the space in 3D and understand how their space would look and feel. Using the technology, the Chivers could work with their designer to create the perfect reflection of their lives. 

As the DIRTT elements arrived for installation, one family member noted, “this is the first and only thing that’s arrived on time on this whole project.”


DIRTT Millwork





Convoy Lavido sliding storage, Hafele Tip Out Hamper, Kessebohmer Tall Pantry, Richelieu Fold-Away Bed, Richelieu Recycling Center