Green Learning Center

DIRTT’s #1 Alaska Distribution Partner

Paragon Interior Construction, has given anyone thinking of an interior construction project in the state a chance to touch, see and experience DIRTT solutions at its Anchorage Green Learning Center (GLC). Eager to demonstrate the environmental and cost benefits of building better, the Anchorage team now has a space to meet, network and host community events while they spread the word on all things DIRTT.

The space incorporates a robust offering of solutions for healthcare, education, and commercial spaces with millwork, modular power and networks and even a java center. This is a space to spark imaginations on what’s possible for any interior construction project. Labor, material and freight costs compounded by long lead times,a skilled trades shortage and minimal recycle options are very real challenges when building conventionally in Alaska. For clients looking for practical, sustainable building alternatives,this GLC illustrates the caliber of space that can be achieved through manufactured interior construction.

Virtual Tour of Paragon Construction


·· Pivot and barn doors

·· Solid, glass, combination and glass clerestory walls

·· Breathe Living Walls

·· DIRTT Networks and Power

·· Imbedded technology

·· Millwork and passthrough millwork

·· Fold-down desk

·· Timber frame

·· Cornice Rail, Seismic requirements

·· Sit Stand,

·· DIRTT accessories

·· Healthcare Optifiller, Pre-installed medical gases box

·· DIRTT low-profile access flooring


·· Enzo Approach

·· Corning® Willow® Glass

·· Back painted glass

·· Magnetic fabric, glass and willow tiles

·· Magnetic marker board

·· Clear tempered and etched glass

·· Switch glass

·· Direct to substrate graphicson glass

·· Chromacoat, powder coat

·· Anodized aluminum

·· Thermofoil

·· Veneer

·· WriteAway™

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DIRTT is the solution for the prevailing challenges of building in Alaska.