Mariner Wealth Advisors


When building out their new office space, Mariner Wealth Advisors liked what Corning® Willow® Glass brings to a space. With high optical clarity and incredible durability in the DIRTT solution, it’s the ultimate way to make a visual splash in a flexible space. 

Mariner held a contest among their employees to design a creative artwork for the massive feature wall in their space. The winning design was an interpretation of the Mariner logo. DIRTT painted the artwork onto micro-thin Willow Glass and applied it to DIRTT wall tiles. It was then installed on the 40-foot-long by 14-foot-high wall with the exacting precision demanded when working with art. Custom dimensions and varying ceiling heights were no match for the DIRTT approach. Finally, an integrated display leverages back-painted glass to visually integrate with the Willow Glass artwork.


Imbedded technology



Enzo approach, Corning® Willow® Glass